VerdeGo – the cuisine of living food– under this brand ”Fetescu X” SRL operates in the field of vegetarian and vegan catering.

Partnerships built during the last years with local organic producers of fruits, berries, nuts and seeds and implementation of dehumidification technologies, based on solar energy, were materialized in the organization of a production. Our handcrafted products, raw snacks, are created by gentle drying at low temperatures, which preserves the nutritional qualities of the ingredients.

Our raw crackers with buckwheat seeds, sunflower seeds, flax, sesame with an addition of tomatoes, carrots, courgettes, onions, cabbage and our raw cookies with aronia and plums, lavender flowers, buckwheat seeds, mutton, millet rose petals, sea buckthorn, almonds, pumpkin are perfect snacks for every occasion.

Our raw granola, with defatted nuts or seeds, are snacks with high protein intake, recommended by nutritionists to athletes, children and people in slimming or muscle building.

The launch of these products on the market required the adjustment of production processes (improvements to existing equipment, completion with other necessary machinery), documentation of manufacturing technology, registration of intellectual property rights, investment supported by UNDP Moldova program for the development of innovative products in 2017.

For VerdeGo participation in the SANA 2018 exhibition is a part of the product testing and development phase of our raw snacks, offers perspectives for the capitalization of local, organically grown agricultural products. Moreover, this is a perfect occasion for an exchange of opinions and experience with other produsers from all over the world.